Magic is Afoot: Spellcraft in the 21st Century -  Friday Gladheart


All My Friends are Heathens: Walking the Path of the Norse Gods - Lauren Crow

What is Heathenry? Well known podcaster and gythia Lauren Crow of Black Bear Kindred talks about the basics of the modern Heathen religion, including ritual, gods, and other divine beings. Come learn more about the Norse Path!

Publish That Book! How to Self-Publish for Fun and (Occasionally) Profit - Ben Waggoner

The Publications Director for The Troth, Ben Waggoner has published dozens of books and knows the self publishing industry inside and out. He will share his secrets with you on how to publish your own works as well as his experiences as an independent Pagan author.

The Modern Totemist  - Stephanie and Scott Brown

The totem is the essence of the spiritual self. From birth, we are influenced, guided, and protected by the voices of our true selves, the faces of our other halves, our individual animal natures that are expressed in the bond between the human soul and an the wild magic of the animal world: the totem animal. In this workshop, we will give a brief introduction to Modern Totemism, or our system of correspondence totemism wherein every person is connected to nine totems associated with directional elements and aspects of their individual personality. This path is modern, and though influenced by many traditions from around the world, it is not specific to any traditional culture.