The following code of conduct will be maintained at every APP event or partner event. The APP Board of Directors feels that these rules best serve our community by making a space that is safe for all pagans regardless of tradition, gender identification, age, place of origin, and sexual orientation to come and feel safe and able to express their pagan values and thoughts without fear of discrimination.
  1. APP has a zero-tolerance policy on sexual harassment at events. This includes unwanted advances, touches, language, images or comments. Anyone in violation of this policy will be immediately removed.
  2. APP events are a “Safe Space” for any public person who wishes to attend regardless of sexual orientation or gender identification. Any person participating in discriminatory behavior based on perceived gender or sexual orientation will be asked to leave.
  3. Violence of any kind is not permitted at any APP events. Any persons involved in any violent behavior will be removed. Any altercations will result in the removal of all participants.
  4. Discrimination against any religion, path or practice is not allowed APP strives for interfaith peace.
  5. When at any APP event, all people regardless of experience in Paganism are welcome and may have their voice heard. Please be considerate and respectful as each person shares their own personal experiences or situation.
  6.  Each person’s magical or religious items are unique and special to them. please always remember to ask permission before touching the personal items of others.
  7. Remember that all events are open to the public and not all attendees can be vetted by the APP organization. Please always be aware of yourself and your belongings. Please report any suspicious behavior to an APP board member.
  8. All Weapons are prohibited.
  9. APP bans the sale or use of sweet grass, white sage, and palo santo.

Photography Policy

Photography will be allowed, however we ask that you be respectful of others who may not wish to be photographed. Ask permission before you photograph someone, and try to minimize any recognizable faces in the background if you do not have permission.